10.01.15 Singapore Changi Airport.


When and in what circumstances/situation was your longest wait in your life? Waiting for something to get approved? Waiting for an available toilet at a shopping mall while your bladder/bum hole is going to burst? Waiting in the line to get some doughnut at Krispy Kreme in Perth? Etc… For me, waiting for this month to come for my trip to Taiwan after booked the flight ticket on October (2014) was the first longest wait, then a 13 hours of transiting in Singapore is the second longest wait in my life. Sounds sucks, but I had a fun time to exploring all 3 awesome terminals of Changi Airport. 😀

I’ve been to Changi Airport quite a few times but I was too young so I couldn’t really remember what I’ve seen here. And I somehow glad that I’m a grown up now coz I can do whatever I want (not everything, of course :P), have more freedom to explore places by myself without anyone’s supervision, to experience everything, and to be able to remember every moment better than when I was younger. Oh wait, I still don’t remember stuff actually, yea you guys might already know if you’ve been reading most of my post haha 😛

My flight arrived Changi Airport at 12-something-AM, my next flight was 1.50 PM. I’ve been dreaming to be in a huge building that has nobody there, like the time that I was exploring in this huge airport. I am sooo tempted to make a video like what Richard Dunn did since I brought a tripod with me but there’s still some staff and cleaner around so yea xP Ok, Imma pause here so that you can enjoy these photos 🙂


I purchased the normal seats, I’m a big girl (158CM, 83KG, yup I’m not lying, don’t get fooled by the photos xP) and there’s still rooms for me to stretch or anything even though I didn’t purchase the stretch seats 😛 There’s no one sit next to me so my flight was awesome xP


I never try Sling so I thought I should give it a try but they ran out of the original one so I tried their pomegranate flavored  sling x)


Arrived Singapore 🙂


I saw someone went to the Male’s toilet in Level 2 at Terminal 1 Transit area ↓↓

as soon as I saw that picture I knew I have to go check it out but I was too shy to go into the male’s toilet even though I think there’s no one in there coz it’s almost 3AM so I check the female’s one. Not bad, but I would prefer male’s one haha xD


I cleared immigration to find a place for nap, here’s where I recharged and refreshed myself, The Haven. 🙂 I got myself a nap room package which include shower and lounge access 🙂


After a 2 and half hrs nap, shower and the complimentary breakfast, I went to explore the rest 🙂


I went back to the transit area and spent my last 4 hrs at the iConnect to charge my almost dead phone, camera and laptop 😛

It was the most tiring 13hrs I’ve been through in my whole life, coz the skytrain stop service after 1.30AM so I’m was exploring by foot, even though I had a nap but it was an on and off nap but it’s a good thing coz I knocked out on the flight to Taipei xP Anyway, it’s all good and I’m already loving my trip as soon as I arrived Taipei 😛 That’s all for today and will see you guys on the next post! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100, all raw. –


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