Sculpture by the Sea 2015. Pt.01


Another year of Sculpture by the Sea is back! And of course, I’m so there xP

This day is the second time of hang out with Charles, but sadly, it’ll also the last time we see each other, the next time would be quite a long time so I’ve planned this last hang out very well, check the Sculpture by the Sea out! He haven’t been there for 2 years and I wanna check the artwork out so it’s a win win hehe! xP It seems like it is a MUST to go to Red Spoon if come to Cottesloe Beach, so I took Charles to have some treat when we arrived xP


Mine was Cookies and Cream; Charles’s was Mango. While enjoying our treats, we also start check those artwork out. I’ll just let you guys enjoy the photos, sorry to start with a creepy one, that’s what we saw first ><


My favourite artworks for the Sculpture by the Sea 2015 is this giant rabbit xP


The last and also second favourite is these beautiful flamingos 🙂


After check this event out, I took Charles to Frisk Small Bar for their Martini and Oysters deal that held every Thursday, will show it all on the next post xP So that’s all for the part 01, I went back with Isabelle (sis-in-law) to check the rest of those that I didn’t take photos of, so stay tuned for the part 02 yo! ;P So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –

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