20.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: Day 09. // J-World Tokyo & Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo.


So, since the Pokemon Go is on trend right now and the blog post that I’m suppose to continue is also related to Pokemon, it’s definitely a sign that says I should pull myself together and continue my ChaCha to Tokyo blog posts. xDD

This day, I’ve came to an Anime and Manga world, my favorite and my childhood (till present) anime are all in one place, J-World Tokyo.


Straight away, the poster of my favorite parody anime, Gintama, just right at the entrance, but the 3 people on the poster aren’t the main character, the main character is Gintama Sakata. I’m really not good at briefly sum up what is this anime about, I guess I can briefly describe a bit, this anime is full of nonsense, immature, random, low jokes, negative, violence, irony, sarcasm, play dirty etc, but very passion, strong friendship, moral of not giving up, don’t care what people say/think and live their life, mature etc. I’ve found some funny moments videos with English subtitle on Youtube but I still don’t think most of them are as funny as in their own language, this is “the best” that I can find x’D

Anyway, let’s get back to J-World xP


Whoever watch anime definitely know One Piece, I got influenced by my friends whose a huge fan of this anime, until Bleach released on 2006 then I ditched One Piece. Bleach totally won my heart right at the first episode, I still remember how Ichigo (the main character) turn to Shinigami (death god), learned his Shikai then Bankai, and conquer the darkness inside him, still remember all that very clearly, uuuhhh so handsome! xDDDD Man I feel like watch the seasons all over again xDD


Yup, everyone knows Dragon Ball, almost like everyone’s childhood anime, although Dragon Ball is famous but I didn’t follow it x”D


There’s quite a lot new manga and anime released that I don’t familiar with, they also provide the latest and freshest manga for fan to read there xP


If I got extra ¥¥¥, I would totally eat here xP


Goku on his Kinto-un (flying nimbus/somersault cloud) xD


Here’s what’s made me hyper and more excited after visited J-World Tokyo, this almost my whole childhood, save all my pocket money to buy their latest episodes CD package every time they freshly release; bought the latest issue magazines for tips and walk through for Pokemon Yellow, Silver and Gold, and Crystal version on my Gameboy Advance Iceberg/Glacier, discuss and talk about what and how with classmate all the time, oh good ol days x’D


Guess who I bought this for? Will be reveal at another post xP


I only know the list of Pokemon from very first version which was Yellow till the Crystal version, so I basically don’t know anything after Crystal version, like this 2, if I didn’t Google search harder, I wouldn’t know they are Mega Lucario (L) and Mega Mewtwo Y (R) from Pokemon X and Y version, and I wouldn’t know Mewtwo can evolve to that form. Here’s the best list of Pokemon monsters picture below that I found are which I familiar with xP


Photo from Google image.


So that’s all for the first part of my Day 9, and now let’s talk about something, the world known app which made 90% of human on earth turned into “mobile/smartphone zombies” right now, Pokemon Go.

We all know this game has serious potential of cons, I’m totally understand that, but what I’m seriously don’t understand is why people who don’t like this game thinks it’s “Dumb”/”Stupid”. I don’t think this game is stupid, none of anything in the world is stupid, yes this game maybe made people do stupid stuff like using the app while driving, crossing the road without looking etc, but aren’t anybody else who aren’t using this app also do the similar thing? Texting while driving, crossing the road while web browsing or watching some video on the device etc. I know it is everybody’s freedom to do whatever they want or think/comment whatever they want to those who living the way they are, but come’on, don’t be double standard or stereotype.

So yea that’s all, see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 and Sony Xperia Z5. –

2016 ChaCha to TOKYO’s Trip list

Day 0.5 | Airbnb & Don Quijote.

Day 01  | Tokyo Disneyland.

Day 02  | Tokyo Disneysea.

Day 03  | Edo-Tokyo Museum.

Day 04  | Ikumi Mama’s Animal Doughnuts.

              | Nissan Heritage Collection.

              | Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.

              | Daikoku Futo PA.

Day 05  | Totoro Creampuff & Gotokuji Temple.

Day 06  | Tsukiji Market & Ginza.

             | Tokyo Skytree.

             | Asakusa.

Day 07 | Nezu Shrine & Ameya Yokocho.

Day 08 | Akihabar & Tokyo Imperial Palace.

            | Mega Web Toyota City Showcase.

            | Venus Fort, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza & Takoyaki Museum.

Day 09 | J-World Tokyo & Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo.


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