29.10.16 Margaret River Road Trip: Day 01 // Candy Cow, Chocolate Factory & Cheeky Monkey.


First part of our Day 1 in down south, let’s go! xD

Before we head out for our adventure, of course we need plenty of energy for that so I made this POWWAH-UP!-UP! breakfast for the family xP


Cheesy bacon and egg hash. Recipe found from Karina at Cafe Delites xD


British sausages, sliced red sausages and more bacon xP


I want my breakfast like this everyday ;P


See, told you the kids loved the movies and cartoons that provided by the owner of this apartment xP

After power up and get changed, we headed to our first stop which only under 5 minutes walk away from our apartment xP


First stop was Eddie’s idea, Candy Cow. I came here with friends back in 2011 and they looks almost still the same! xP


Lol at Bull’s Balls candy and the price tag says Aussie Poo x’D


The next live demonstration was at 11AM and we were there 1hr early so we couldn’t see it.


Suicide Bugs xP

After get some candy and stuff from Candy Cow we headed back to our apartment to get our car, which the excited part that I’ve been waiting for, driving! Especially driving in Margaret River is suuuuuuuper fun! Have you watch or heard about the manga or anime called Initial D? If you do and know about Mount Haruna then driving in the off road at Margaret River is almost like driving in Mount Haruna except not a lot of corners and the corners are not as sharp as Mount Haruna’s xP

Driving in Margaret River is one of the happiest time to me after since I went to Margaret River last year with Shirley, coz I could try me and my car’s ability xD Although I am so happy to drive again but unfortunately I am my family’s GPS so they follow me at the back with their Hyundai iMax, which mean I can’t speed, sigh, oh well think of the bright side, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery eh? x’D By the way, I thought my family have their own plan coz they wanna go check some cellars out but me and JC not a big fan of wine so I got our own plan for what we interested at then found out my family actually don’t have any plan so yea they are coming where we going x’D


Second stop, Margaret River Chocolate Factory.

I don’t know why I always wanna come here but meh, you can get as much free testing chocolate as you want though so yea hahahaha what a stingy person I am x’D


Last year me and Shirley spotted the host of the Airbnb we stayed at was enjoying sun bathing at the front yard, see what I spotted in front of the chocolate factory photo below xP


Although it’s not a cat but the feeling was quite deja vu xD


I’m sorry to say that I usually won’t purchase chocolate from the factory but I always get a drink from their cafe xP


So Eden got a bubble gum flavoured ice-cream.


Eddie got himself his favourite mint flavoured ice-cream.


And I got myself a Iced Mocha, aren’t we should get anything related to the chocolate factory?! Oh well at least my Mocha has some chocolate in it hahahahaha x’DDD


Karen, my dad and me. Look at my “meh” face there hahaha xD


Aaahh he’s so photogenic… ❤ ❤ Oh sorry let’s move on to the next stop x’D


Third stop was my plan, Cheeky Monkey.

Since me and JC are not a big fan of wine so I search where does ciders, Cheeky Monkey was one of them, although don’t have huge range of it but we came to give it a try xP


Although not very familiar with Killerby but Eddie and my dad is happy coz can try some wine hehe xP

25 262727a2829

Wish we could have lunch here but I already plan where to have our lunch xP

3030a 31 32 33

Cheeky’s Original Paddle. // $20


In this paddle you can try all of their 6 beers and 2 ciders xP


Sorry I don’t know who is this happy alcoholic, please contact the abstinence centre, thanks hahahahahaha x’D

We ended up didn’t get any beers or ciders from there coz Eddie and my dad bought some from Killerby so we have to control our drinking problem… oh wait I mean our spending problem so yea hahaha xD That’s all for the first part of our day 1 of down south road trip, more fun to come so will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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