That was an epic fun break!


Yup, I’ve as usual “unplannedly” took 3 weeks break from blogging again! And that was an epic fun break! *thumbs up and pushing up sunglasses emoji* xDDDD

So what the hell I’ve been doing while slacking off? I was slacking off with hell loads of fun and I don’t know how or where to start! xD Ok it’s all started on 05 Dec x’D

05 Dec 2016.


Sneak peak of a new post: Had UberEats for 5 days straight, full story of why the hell I had UberEats 5 days straight will be on the next post xP

17 Dec.


Sneak peak of a new post: Organised an early Christmas dinner for the family because they went oversea for Christmas and New Year.

20 Dec.


Sneak peak of a new post: Dinner out with JC’s cousin xP

21 Dec.


JC’s swimming pool is finally ready, I’m glad that “drink and swim” is legal hahaha xD 

22 Dec.


It was my sister’s birthday so I secretly get some desserts and surprised her xP


Sneak peak of a new post: Took JC’s cousin out for dinner at our favourite Taiwanese restaurant, then visited the only cat cafe in Perth xP

23 Dec.


Sneak peak of a new post: Family flying oversea that night so we all had dinner at Roll’d Vietnamese Food before see them off at airport.

24 – 26 Dec.


Sneak peak of a new post: Take me back to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day please? x’D

27 Dec.


JC’s mum bought JC’s sister, her other half, JC and me tickets (for Christmas present) to go paintball, man that was sooo damn fun! Glad that my skill on Counter Strike and Sniper Elite have finally payoff! Yeah yeah I know gaming and in real life are 2 different things but trust me, they’ll make you think and move better and faster so the whole thing are a lot easier x) Anyway I don’t mind go paintball again! xD

30 Dec.


Photo from JC’s uncle.


Had BBQ for dinner at JC’s place then all (except JC’s parents) went to bowling, planned to pooling but the pooling place was closing in 30mins when we arrived so we ended up went to JC’s mate’s place play Ping Pong, what a surprise that Warren actually can play piano xD

31 Dec.


Sneak peak of a new post: Dinner at Terrance Hotel with JC’s family on New Years Eve.

01 Jan 2017.


Caught the first sunrise of 2017 with JC. No luck with the lucky draw but had a lot at the casino with the complimentary gaming chips xP

02 Jan.


Sneak peak of a new post: Last hang out with JC’s cousin x'(

03 Jan.


So that’s all what I’ve been doing since the day I start slacking off again and I think I am starting to regret about it coz got so many blog posts to do x’P Anyway, am not gonna greeting you guys for the new year just yet, coz again, I love keep the best for last, that’s why I left 03 Jan with “secret” so yea will see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony Xperia Z5. –


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