Roll’d Vietnamese Food.


I have kept my eye on Roll’d in Harrisdale for ages and they finally opened! So I didn’t waste my time and drag JC to there with me xDD

Then guess who we bumped into? My colleague! She was working at my sister’s lunch bar few years ago then we kept in touch on FB on and off, then found out she’s working there and I think we’ll meet quite often now hahaha xD


I like to catch up with a friend that we haven’t seen for soooooo long coz I got to know what’s they been on their adventure and exciting stories, except if they didn’t went well but I still appreciate they would tell me because they wouldn’t tell me if they never treat me as a friend, or someone they can talk to x)


Vietnamese coffee in a Vietnamese restaurant is a must! We only ordered one coffee but my friend treat us another drink (Iced lemon tea) for free! So kind of her! xD


Fooooooood!! xD


Crispy chicken ribs.


Roast pork and cracking banh mi.


Oh dear I don’t remember what bao is this, forgetful as always hahaha x’D


Beef Pho.


Then that was our first visit at Roll’d, I told my friend I’ll tell my sister and we’ll all come dinner here when she will be working. Then me and my family went there for dinner before they catch their flight that night xD


3 Vietnamese Iced Coffee, 1 Iced Lemon Tea, 6 Crispy Chicken Ribs, 1 BBQ Chicken Bao, 1 Roast Pork & Crackling Banh Mi, 1 Grilled Pork Chop with Fried Egg Com Tam, 1 Seafood Pho, 1 Shredded Chicken Pho, 1 Sliced Rare Beef Pho and 3 Mixed Beef & Chicken Pho… Yup x’D

4 posts done and 3 more to finish 2016’s post x’P So that’s all for today and see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

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