2016 Christmas.


Erm.. what?! Christmas post on Chinese New Year? Why the hell not. xP

So why post this on Chinese New Year? I think because this 2 events share the same colour, Red, so yea just randomly decided post it today xD


Presents wrapping on Christmas Eve xP


Done wrapping Chrismtas presents for JC’s family xP


Every year got epic and epicer lol xD


Chrismtas presents from JC’s family, will be reveal at the ned of this post xD


Christmas Day // Thanks my sis-in-law bought me Christmas theme Krispy Kreme xP


Christmas Day’s lunch at JC’s xP


Christmas dinner xD And that’s all for Christmas dinner at JC’s xP


Celebrate belated Christmas party just for me and JC on Boxing Day, oh yeah KFC for the win! xD


7th Christmas together xP


Revealing what Christmas presents I got for JC’s family // Glass cheese board dome with marble base for JC’s mum, then JC and I got his dad a Bunnings gift card xP


Christmas presents for JC’s uncle and aunt who are pug fanatic// Capugccino mug and pug slipper for JC’s uncle; Pug printed Christmas theme’s sock and metallic Pug jewellery tray for aunt.


3D T-Rex crystal jigsaw puzzle and macro & wide lens for JC’s cousin Timothy. Christmas scratchies for Timothy’s dad.


Star Wars scanimation book and solar powered disco gnome for JC’s uncle’s friend.


Custom JDM novelty license plate, Nismo brakelight overlay decal and inflatable Flamingo ice bucket for JC’s sister. Custom JDM novelty license plate and portable wireless bluetooth turbo speaker for her other half.


Black & Blum’s stainless steel water bottle and bento box for JC’s mate.


I love to keep the very best for last, Mister’s magnetic braided bracelet and Star Wars BB8 light for my man, JC ;P


And these are what my family, JC’s family and friends got me. I sometime do think what I’ve done to deserve everyone’s kindness, love and care but I’m blessed I have these people in my life x)

So that’s all for today blog post, Happy Chinese New Year to y’all and will see u guys on the next post! Ciao! xD

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