2016, the best year ever!


I had a bad year on 2015, car accident and what not, then, I didn’t expect what 2016 will bring me, but I must say that 2016 was the best and luckiest year ever in my whole life xD

Here’s all my favourite happiest moment and days in 2016 xP


That was a secret plan for JC before dinner. There was a car meet (Oz Streets – The Riddle Run) that night so I left my car at the location hours before the car meet then I took public transport home and ask JC to pick me up to have dinner at where the car meet is then guided him where to park his then BOOM he’s like “Wait a minute, how come your car is here??” Me: “Cause there’s a car meet tonight xP” JC:”But I haven’t wash my car” hahahahaha xD It was one of the best surprise I ever made ;P


It is rare that a car meet that would give me massive goose bumps and this is the best JDM car meet (First Import Cruise/ Coastal Run) I’ve ever attend xD


Met one of my favourite electric supercar at Electrikhana and tested drive some electric cars too xP


Travelled to Japan, ticked my bucket list ;P


One of the huge bucket list in my life has ticked, Daikokufuto PA! xD


Our 6th anniversary xP


Another epic JDM car meet organised by the same group, same epic goose bumps but what surprised me was I got a shot of my hot man, thanks to that 370 hahaha xD


Had a great time at Porsche xD


Organised a Halloween party at home and I made indoor fort! xD


An unplanned mini photoshot xP


A last minute planned road trip was so much fun than planned in advance! xD


Celebrate Pocky Day with an impulse xP


6 inches chopped and coloured before the Summer heat hit xP

Managed to done a little stuff to my handsome man before the Paul Walker Meet/Cruise xD


Have been thinking every year and finally attended the Paul Walker Car Meet/Cruise xD


Another epic planned surprise for JC’s sister’s birthday xD


Organised an early Christmas dinner with the family xP


Visited the one and only cat cafe in Perth xD


Another great Christmas xP


Had so much fun in paintball! xD


Went bowling after a simple bbq dinner xD

So that’s all for the great year! New Year’s Eve post will be up 2 days so stay tuned! See you guys on the next one, ciao! xD


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