Last hang out.


Finally a blog post that are happened on 2017 xD

That day was the last time we hang out with JC’s cousin, had so much fun before and feel a bit sad to end the great time, although we’ll meet again at the end of the year but so long to wait x’P Since his cousin haven’t been had burgers in Perth so JC and I decided to take him to The Merrywell for some dude food xD


Drinks // Mine, Pimms. JC’s, James Squire apple cider. Timoythy’s, Matso’s mango beer.


Food // JC’s, Timothy’s, Mine, mini Wagyu beef burgers and lollipop buffalo wings xP


Dessert at Utopia then catch a movie.

Can’t wait for JC’s cousin come back on December, need to plan more hang out and food outing for him haha. So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

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