ASOS this, ASOS that.


ASOS is somewhat the huge part of my life ;P

My very first time that I go online shopping was back in my uni time at Taiwan, it is quite difficult for me to find clothes that fit me in Taiwan, even their size tag says XL but they’re more like size L so online shopping are the easiest and least disappointment for me. I mostly go on Orange Bear Design, they not only have normal sizes but also have clothing for plus size. They started their bussiness on Ebay store then became very successful and opened their very first store in Taipei Xinyi district. I’ve been to their shop when travel back to Taiwan in 2015, and man if I didn’t control myself I would gone another level of cray-crayness lol x’D

After migrated to Australia, I still checking OB Design out quite often, I did purchased from them a few time from here but the shipping fee is a killer so I visit their website lesser and lesser day by day, until I met JC. Why bring up JC? Because if I never met him, I wouldn’t met his sister, she is one fine urban stylish fashionista from Sydney, then that’s how I know ASOS xP Go stalk her Instagram or check her Blog out! xD

I LOVE ASOS, big time. They got my size, fit perfectly most of the time, they got huge variety of styles and they also one of my favourite place to look for gifts, I sorted out a lot of birthday and Christmas presents from there too. Whenever I need new clothing for some occasions events, that’s where I go first xP

After my first visit at Stockland Harrisdale Shopping Centre with my sister and cousin back when their first month of opening, I immediately fell in love with this shopping centre as well as the area, nicely decorated interior, lots of parking spots, 2 big supermarket, cafes and restaurants are in that one shopping centre, especially my favorite Vietnamese food place Roll’d also there, I wish I hit the jackpot so that I could get a house around this area xD Anyway when me and JC leaving from Aldi one day I saw this part of the car park with some birdy graffiti, then I straight away got images in my head for an outfit post, so here it is xP


This only 1/3 of the mural, the rest was partial blocked by parked cars so I was lucky that this part are not block, getting up early ain’t a bad thing aye? Early bird gets the worm? hahaha xD


Oasis Fine Stripe Shirt.


AJ Morgan Hmmm Round Ombre Sunglasses.


Gogo Philip Star Charm Necklace.


Sadie Lace Underwire Bra.


Love Moschino Signature Purse.


Casio W-214HC-7AVEF Digital White Strap Watch.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Enamel Toggle Bracelet.


Skinny Twill Pants With Raw Hem & SINEAD Wide Fit Lace Up Heels.


Mismatch Kiss Swing & Stud Earring Pack.

This is also a color scheme outfit that I rarely try, I specially planned this outfit for the NYE dinner with JC’s family, it is the end of 2016 and welcoming the new year so I thought end the 2016 and welcome the new year with light colour would be nice so yea xP So every thing in this outfit are from ASOS, except the Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet, I purchased that from BorderFree for my birthday back in 2014, the second I saw it I knew I had to have it in my life so I use the excuse of “It’s my birthday” then I bought it, and it was the MOST expensive brithday present in my life, meh, no regret lol x’P

So that’s all for today, see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

// Throwback to NYE dinner //


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