A for Adidas, B for Burgers.


” Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything.

It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it. “

– Trey Parker.

This was a little sentimental day, I was helping my cousin Serene moving out from my house that day and move in to her new place, a share house. Right before pulling in to the drive way, I already see her housemate doing his WRX, after unload my cousin’s stuff I went out ask if he was at the Subaru car meet on the night before, then we couldn’t stop talking about car and to-do-list to the car xD


It’s always fun to meet like-minded new friends xD


After helped Serene moving, we had dinner at Varsity Burgers at Waterford for a little “farewell”.


Drinks: Mine, Something-something apple cider. xP 


Food: Mine, Double Cheese Deluxe burger.


Serene’s, I don’t remember the name but it’s chicken x’D


Sharing: Varsity Hot Wings.

I was planning to do some photoshot for my outfit while we are there but I got carried away while chatting with my new automotive friend so we came a bit too late so the restaurant was quite crowded so we changed location to the car park at Curtin University since they are just opposite so yea so many “so” in this paragraph lol xD



Sunglasses from DailyDriven. Casio Men’s watch from ASOS. Adidas logo Men’s T-shirt from Foot Locker.


Crop Compression Tights from Kmart. And the finally-I-dare-to-take-it-out-after-purchased-for-days’s Adidas Extaball Sneakers from ASOS x’D 

3433 3026

I wore this outfit to paintball with JC and his family on 27 Dec 2016, except my beloved kicks of course! 

// Reminisce //


Anyway, I am happy for my cousin that where she moved in to now, because I don’t have a sister and she somehow became one so I am quite worry about her but the new place seems quite good, her housemates are from our hometown, one automotive enthusiast and they sometime have drinking party so yea I think I’ll visit her quite often lol xD

So that’s all for today and see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xP

// More close-up photos of my beloved kicks //


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