Kebabs & Cars 2017.


Just under a month’s time that travel back to Japan and see some epic car scenes again, and this Kebabs and Cars was one of the great way to do the countdown ;P


After the Paul Walker Cruise back in December, we never been to any car meet after since. Then saw this appeared on Facebook and thought yea should go check it out, and I’m glad we did!! xP And lucky we got there right before the event start, if we got there few minutes late I don’t think we will be that lucky to have a good parking spot there xP Anyway, please enjoy the photos 😉


Dinner: Spartan Fries and Authentic style Chicken kebab.


Look what parked next to my both sides xP


Not sure if you guys remember these guys, I met them at the Perth European Car Meet I met back in October last year and I did a mini photoshot for them. We became friend on Facebook and Instagram after since, and we never plan for hang out or meet up after since, but from soooo many car events happening every weeks, plus we also quite picky on which car meet to go and the location, and we coincidentally met again in here. So, here’s another mini photoshot again, last time was only 2 cars, this time is all 4 of them xP


I might do a video next time, not just film the car meet thou, I mean in movement, on freeway, in midnight, that would be super awesome and fun! Uuuhhh we should have say “Nah we’re free and nothing to do” when they ask “Are you guys going home?” 😥 But it’s ok, keep the best for the next time ;P

So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

↓↓ Help yourself to check other car events and car meet I’ve been before 😛 ↓↓


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