20.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: Day 09. // Roppongi Hills.


” Take it with you so you’ll always have a way to look back… and remember me.”

– Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

I bet everyone have watched “Beauty and the Beast” when they’re young? My siblings left my hometown to another states for studies when I was in primary school, my parents working at daytime so basically I don’t have the company of my siblings and parents much so I mostly play video games, watch anime and cartoons. “Beauty and the Beast” was one of the cartoon that I’ve been watch numerous time, but I don’t remember much about that cartoon in this age now, what I remembered the most was Beast turned back to human form after the last rose pedal falls, that randomly touched my heart then I cried.

After visited J-World and Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo on my day 9 in Tokyo, I went to check Roppongi Hills out. Before I visit this place I only know about the “Spider” statue and the Tokyo City View Sky Deck, after reached that place, what’s attracted me more was that hidden yard with a giant rose statue, I immediately thought of “Beauty and the Beast”.

So I decided to have my opening of this post with a quote from “Beauty and the Beast”, I found a lot of quotation from Beauty and the Beast on Google, was a bit indecisive which one to use but I like this one the most.


Image from Google Image.

Why? Please don’t think something wrong with my brain (although I do think weirdly most of the time haha!), I like the feeling of “the beauty of sorrow”, this quotation has that feeling. “Sorrow” maybe a “unfortunate” thing, but it has it’s beauty, man it’s too abstract I can’t explain well (plus my English is bad =_=). I guess because I’ve been through too many “sorrow” experience, when look and think back, it feels like those “sorrow” are meant to be happened, and they meant to be make me better and greater life. Ok I’m getting sway away from the title, somebody please pull me back!! Ok let’s just look at these photos xD


Tokyo has a lot of romantic places, but I think Roppongi is more romantic xP You probably thinking I can’t just say this place is romantic just because there’s a nice view to look at Tokyo Tower, giant rose statue, nice little pond with a big heart shape right? Yea true, but the atmosphere is different.

Talking about romantic, Japanese’s romance is not as showing off as western culture, you’re rarely to see a couple kissing and hugging passionately in the public like there’s no tomorrow, the most “showing off” you’ll see of their relationship is they hold hands or wear the same outfit, even if not the same outfit but you’ll definitely see them have something same on their apparel, such as backpack, watches but footwear is the most obvious. I didn’t just say that just because I saw that in Japan, they are the facts that I learned from my Japanese friends in here, then I’ve confirmed about the facts after what I’ve witnessed in Tokyo, but I do believe there is or will have some couple show the world how much they’re in love with each other in public, especially the newer generation xP

I’ve finally see a romantic scene in Tokyo, not a very passionate one but a sugar rush one xP I was at Asakusa’s Nakamise Shopping Street on my day 6 of stay in Tokyo, the floor was still a bit wet from the morning shower, 1 meter ahead of me was a guy and a girl, you can obviously tell the got something between them just by the way they look at each other. They were talking happily while strolling side by side, the girl was too concentrate on talking and looking at him so she didn’t notice she gonna stumble into a patch of rain water on the floor in front of her, he saw her gonna stumble into it so he quickly pull her to him to dodge the rain water, they both looked into each other and smile shyly then continue walking, since then, they never let go their hands.

That scene was just so cute and sweet, made me smile and made my day! That feeling brought back soooo many memories of all the small little things that me and JC have done to each other. A simple and humble love is the kind of romance I like instead of showing me love by flowers and chocolate or kissing in the public. So that’s all for what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been on day 9 in Tokyo. Will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

2016 ChaCha to TOKYO’s Itinerary

Day 0.5 | Airbnb & Don Quijote.

Day 01  | Tokyo Disneyland.

Day 02  | Tokyo Disneysea.

Day 03  | Edo-Tokyo Museum.

Day 04  | Ikumi Mama’s Animal Doughnuts.

              | Nissan Heritage Collection.

              | Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.

              | Daikoku Futo PA.

Day 05  | Totoro Creampuff & Gotokuji Temple.

Day 06  | Tsukiji Market & Ginza.

             | Tokyo Skytree.

             | Asakusa.

Day 07 | Nezu Shrine & Ameya Yokocho.

Day 08 | Akihabar & Tokyo Imperial Palace.

            | Mega Web Toyota City Showcase.

            | Venus Fort, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza & Takoyaki Museum.

Day 09 | J-World Tokyo & Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo.

            | Roppongi Hills.

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