27 – 28.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: This is not a goodbye, Tokyo.

No one like the feeling of the end of a holiday, back to reality is not fun at all.

But no, that ain’t the end for me coz I knew I’ll go back to this fun land again 😉

First and last time to have Tonkatsu with curry, and funny weird enough that was at the airport x’D

Tokyo ✈ Singapore

Late night supper at Changi Airport xD

Starbies at Changi Airport.

Unlimited foot massage xP

I knew I’ll go back to Japan again but never thought I booked another return ticket to Japan just over 2 months after came back from Tokyo, that efficiency though haha xD

No this is not the last post of ChaCha to Tokyo, there’s more to come! After this post published, we’ll be departing in 18hrs! Yea boooiii can’t wait for it to happen! xDDD So yea see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

2016 ChaCha to TOKYO’s Itinerary

Day 0.5 | Airbnb & Don Quijote.

Day 01  | Tokyo Disneyland.

Day 02  | Tokyo Disneysea.

Day 03  | Edo-Tokyo Museum.

Day 04  | Ikumi Mama’s Animal Doughnuts.

              | Nissan Heritage Collection.

              | Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.

              | Daikoku Futo PA.

Day 05  | Totoro Creampuff & Gotokuji Temple.

Day 06  | Tsukiji Market & Ginza.

             | Tokyo Skytree.

             | Asakusa.

Day 07 | Nezu Shrine & Ameya Yokocho.

Day 08 | Akihabar & Tokyo Imperial Palace.

            | Mega Web Toyota City Showcase.

            | Venus Fort, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza & Takoyaki Museum.

Day 09 | J-World Tokyo & Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo.

            | Roppongi Hills.

Day 10| Gyukatsu Motomura & Shibuya.

            | Robot Restaurant.

Day 11| Harajuku.

           | Mocha Harajuku.

           | Harajuku, Sakura Tei & Line Friends Store.

Extras | Konbini Food.

           | Souvenirs.

Day 14| Louis Vuitton, Volez Voguez Voyagez Exhibition.

                 – This is not a goodbye, Tokyo. –

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