The 200th Post! And guess what?

This is my 200th blog post! Pffwhoa, can’t believe I’ve made this far again! xD

And guess what? I’m blogging this from Japan! Definitely a great and mixed feeling haha xDDD So we’ve been here for 2 weeks already and will be heading back to reality in 1 week time, but we absolutely loving every second in here! xD

So grateful that I could come back to my favorite city in just less than a year time! But what even more awesome was my special half, JC, also travelling with me! He couldn’t come with me last year due to his job but this year he made it! I was worried he won’t be enjoyed much or have fun but I’m glad we both basically have the same interest, so every plan went perfectly well which made this whole travel more interesting, awesome and fun! xDDD Except he caught a cold and sick for a couple of days, but I already have plan B for that before that happened so we didn’t miss out much ;P

Anyway, with this very special and memorable event, I decided to make video blog of our whole journey. I always tempted to live stream on Facebook but I really think vlog is the best way, although gonna take time to edit and what not, but great thing takes time just like a bottle of fine wine hehe ;P I should give myself a huge round of applause coz I thought I won’t be able to complete the first episode till we back in Australia but I can’t believe I actually made it! So here you go, the very first episode of our travel vlog and it was the day of our arrival in Osaka, Japan xD

If the video is not working in any reason, please click HERE to watch it! xP So that’s all for today and see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

– Video filmed by Nokia Lumia 1020. –

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