Crown Promenade Perth.

“Expect the unexpected”, couldn’t agree more xD

So what happened was, on an ordinary Thursday at work, suddenly my sister asked: “Hey Sal, would you and JC like to stay at Crown Promenade for one night? It’s free by the way.” As soon as I heard that my mind like running a hundred miles a minute, like “omg omg what should we do there? What to eat? Merrywell? Oh man this is so exciting!”… “Yea why not” I replied with zero hesitation xP

My bro-in-law got a call from Crown Perth says that they offering him and my sister a free night stay at Crown Promenade, just in case anyone thought that’s scam call, no, he’s a gold card member in Crown so yea xP Anyway the offer are only available on 05 May and can not be change so they took the offer although they both know they couldn’t make it because of work, but they don’t wanna waste the offer, so they asked my parents, my parents didn’t bother as soon as they told them meals are not provided, my brother and sis-in-law also got work, so came down to me and JC, so yup, we went to enjoyed our lil-luxury night at Crown hehe xDD

I never stay at Crown Promenade, but I’ve stayed at Crown Perth Metropol Hotel once for me and JC’s friend’s birthday few years ago, that was when they were still called Burswood, and Promenade was still named Holiday Inn. JC’s friend’s dad working at the hotel’s office so his dad reserved a room for him, me and another 2 friends to stay for 2 nights as a birthday presents for us, unfortunately JC was travelling with his family so HAHA he missed out xDDD After since stayed at Metropol, I really love their room, even if it’s the basic one but the room was really good, luxury and a little bit reminded me of The Great Gatsby haha xD Oh man their bathroom is my favourite part in the room and their indoor and outdoor swimming pool too! I wish I got photos, sigh 😥 Anyway, we seriously need to get back to the actual subject, Crown Promenade x’D

The service was quite great, my sister forgot her credit card’s pin number so she had to go on her phone to change the pin and what not but definitely took quite a while there but the staff at the reception was very patient and cheerful.

View from the room xP

The room was quite nice and clean except the soundproof isn’t very great, Crown Eve Nightclub is opposite the building so the music, the shouting and yelling from drunk people was quite clear, but I was too tired so I was deep in my sleep, I didn’t know there was shouting and fight out there at 4AM till JC told me after woke up in the morning xD

First thing I wanna check out after the explore the room is their facilities, I didn’t check their gym out but I went to the pool instead, didn’t dip in because it was quite cold and windy haha x’D

Sorry I illegally parked my car at the casino LOL x’D

Chilling with a nice view with JC’s friends xP

Breakfast buffet at Atrium.

Free basement parking at the hotel xP

All in all, it was quite a fun and pleasant night, I wonder when will we be that lucky again hehe ;P So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 & Sony Xperia Z5. –


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