09 & 10.04.16 It’s like a challenge.


So, if I compare last time on my transit in Singapore for ChaCha2TAIPEI to this time, (that time) 12 – 14hrs of transit is nothing at all coz I got tons of things that I can do and kill time easily in the transit area (as you can see in that post), but 24hrs at public area is actually quite a challenge x(

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10.01.15 Singapore Changi Airport.


When and in what circumstances/situation was your longest wait in your life? Waiting for something to get approved? Waiting for an available toilet at a shopping mall while your bladder/bum hole is going to burst? Waiting in the line to get some doughnut at Krispy Kreme in Perth? Etc… For me, waiting for this month to come for my trip to Taiwan after booked the flight ticket on October (2014) was the first longest wait, then a 13 hours of transiting in Singapore is the second longest wait in my life. Sounds sucks, but I had a fun time to exploring all 3 awesome terminals of Changi Airport. 😀

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