2016 Christmas.


Erm.. what?! Christmas post on Chinese New Year? Why the hell not. xP

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2016 Early Christmas dinner.


Throwback to the early Christmas dinner with my family xP

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2015 Christmas Feast.


This is the 6th time I’ve celebrated Christmas, what do I mean you ask? Feel free to find out why by check this old post out, and why not check how I celebrated Christmas on 2014 too? Hehe xD

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2015 Swedish Christmas Smorgasbord at IKEA.


One day my sis-in-law called me when she and my brother was at IKEA, she saw they are going to do Swedish Smorgasbord for Christmas and asked if I want to go, and of course, my answer was HELL YES hahahaha xD

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2014 Christmas.

WP_20141216_18_55_41_Pro (2)

Not sure if its only me or anyone felt the same too, I still feeling full from the Christmas feast even though it was 4 days ago haha 😛

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