Last hang out.


Finally a blog post that are happened on 2017 xD

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Good food & Bestie.


Finally, the day me and Shirley get together again after such a loooooong time, she is my important guest so I’ve planned her a unforgetable food tour with a 3 days get away. Here’s what we do on our first meet up ;P

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Dinner at The Merrywell.


I’ve been watching some American food channel on TV and Youtube since ages ago so I’ve always wanted to go to a American diner style restaurant or anywhere has dude food in Perth.

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Breakfast at The Merrywell.


Breakfast is a meal that I can’t wait to have, I don’t mind how small portion is my lunch or dinner but I love eat a lot in breakfast and I don’t care how healthy or unhealthy is my breakfast is. 😛

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