17.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: Day 06. // Tsukiji Market & Ginza.


Starting the day nice and early from seafood market to cherry blossom road, sound extreme. Here’s where I’ve been in the morning of my Day 6. xD

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Another Good-Bye.


Shirley’s 10 days Perth trip has come to an end, I can’t even use that “time flies like rocket” to describe anymore, coz I’ve been using it too much, but I can’t find any other that are close to it to describe so yea, time flies, sigh. ><

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3 days get away yeeaaa!! xD


I’ve secretly planned this secret 3 days get away for Shirley before she arrived, I’ve been so looking forward to this weekend and time flies, this day finally arrive! 😀

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Fremantle Seafood Festival 2015


After the Euro Supercruise, I headed to Fremantle Seafood Festival that also held on the same day, so lucky that I got something to do after that Europe cars meet up (finish around 10AM) otherwise I’ll just have to go home 😛

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Martini & Oysters at Frisk Small Bar.


After took Charles check the Sculpture by the Sea out at Cottesloe Beach, I took him back to have something fancy. Yup, Martini and Oysters at Frisk Small Bar. xP

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