J&S@JAPAN_17 // Ep 04. Kobe & Pokemon Centre Osaka.

If the video is not working for any reason, please click HERE to watch it! xP So that’s all for today and see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

– Video filmed by Nokia Lumia 1020. –

J&S@JAPAN_17 // Ep 03. Inari & Kyoto.

I totally forgot to take a photo in the endless Torii path!! Uuuhh!! But don’t worry, at least I filmed it hehe x’D

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J&S@JAPAN_17 // Ep 02. Nara & Dotonbori.

So we’ve been back in Perth from Japan for 4 days now, first thing I can’t get used to is the internet speed. First episode only took me less than 10 mins to complete the upload in Tokyo, here, took 1.5hrs x’D

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19.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: Day 08. // MEGA WEB Toyota City Showcase.


What’s next after Akihabara and Tokyo Imperial Palace on day 08? Something more fun of course, Toyota City Showcase, let’s go xP

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19.04.16 ChaCha to TOKYO: Day 08. // Akihabara & Tokyo Imperial Palace.


This day I made up for the plan that I didn’t achieve on day 7 so here’s the first part of day 8 xP

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